Physiotherapy Professional includes undertaking comprehensive examination and appropriate investigation provides treatment and advice for movement or functional dysfunction, malfunction, disorder, disability, healing and pain from trauma and disease, using physical modalities including Exercise, mobilization, manipulations, electrical and thermal agents, and other electro therapeutics for prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment, health promotion, and fitness. Our centers are ranked the best physiotherapy center in Delhi.

Physiotherapy is the hands-on, drug-free treatment of injuries, diseases, or physical issues using techniques like manipulation, heart, and heat, stretching, and remedial exercises.

Physiotherapy treatment's goal is to restore normal movement and function when normal function is altered. At APARC, qualified physiotherapists work to restore your mobility, process, and well-being with the zeal of passion for healing by providing the best physiotherapy services.

At APARC, we hold strong values and are committed to providing the best physiotherapy experience to our Patients. As a result, we always use the most up-to-date evidence-based approaches to assess, diagnose, and treat your injury correctly. We believe that the most crucial person in the treatment room will always ensure you receive what we promise. Our integrity dictates that we provide the treatment you require and best for you; Nothing more, nothing less.


Physiotherapy professionals are experts in the science of movement. They use their expertise to pinpoint an injury's root causes.


TIf you have an injury or experiencing chronic pain, physiotherapy is the best choice for drug-less treatment. You may also require physiotherapy after surgery, such as a joint replacement or an after heart attack or stroke.

Some of the problems listed below

  • Neck pain and back pain caused by problems in the muscles and bone
  • Joints, muscles, and ligaments, pain
  • Postural issues causing pain and discomfort
  • Pelvic issues related to childbirth or bladder and bowel dysfunctions
  • Impairment in mobility due to injury to the brain or spine or diseases such as Stroke/paralysis, Parkinson's disease, spinal cord injury.


The physiotherapy session at APARC is unique because it is all about you and your particular needs. In general, here's what happens:

  • Our physiotherapist take a detailed note about your medical history
  • Our physiotherapist assesses, rectify the root cause, and diagnoses your condition
  • You receive a treatment plan with expected goals to reach
  • You have prescribed a course of exercises and any assistive devices if needed


The treatment by a physiotherapist may vary from Exercise, biomechanical correction, Stretching, soft tissue manipulation. You can find the best physiotherapist in Delhi at APARC.

Some of the therapeutic tools used by a physiotherapist are:

  • Exercise Therapy focused on strengthening and conditioning to improve both rehabilitative and performance goals.
  • Manual therapy, soft tissue mobilizations, graded joint mobilizations, and passive stretching improve tissue extensibility, increase range of motion, modulate pain, and reduce mild tissue swelling and inflammation.
  • Dry needling modulates pain and reduces inflammation.
  • Electrotherapy modalities such as ultrasound, TENS, IFC, and Laser Therapy.
  • Posture retraining to reduce chronic pain related to postural dysfunction.
  • Gait, balance, and coordination training to reduce the risk of falls and optimize daily living.
  • Assistive devices and Taping to support the injury and taping promote tissue healing while facilitating mobility and function.